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Temple University Hospital offers a comprehensive array of treatments and technologies for benign and cancerous conditions that require radiation therapy.

Advanced treatment options delivered by a skilled team that treats you like a person and not a disease – it’s what every patient deserves. That’s the kind of care provided by the Department of Radiation Oncology at Temple University Hospital.

The department is led by two of the most experienced radiation oncologists in the Mid-Atlantic region. Together with their team, they customize radiation therapy for patients at all stages and with all types of cancer—including lung, breast, prostate, gastrointestinal, head and neck, brain and gynecologic—as well as non-cancerous conditions.

Temple’s Radiation Team

At Temple, you’ll be cared for by a team of full-time specialists that includes four physicist three medical dosimetrists, 13 therapists, three social workers, three radiation oncology nurses, a nutritionist, a physician liaison, a patient navigator, two clinical research coordinators, an IT systems manager and administrative support staff.

  • The radiation oncologist is the physician who evaluates patients and designs the radiation therapy plan. The plan includes the radiation type, strength, doses, duration and target for each patient. The doctor monitors the patient’s progress during and after treatment.
  • The radiation physicist is a highly trained specialist who ensures that the linear accelerators and attached computers are working perfectly before each treatment so that the radiation is delivered accurately.
  • The dosimetrist has in-depth knowledge of radiation oncology treatment and planning equipment, and has the education and experience needed to generate radiation dose calculations and dose distributions. Dosimetrists frequently act as liaison between medical physicists and other members of the radiation therapy team.
  • The radiation therapist is a certified technician who positions the patient for each radiation dose and follows the exact therapy plan to administer each daily treatment.
  • The radiation therapy nurse helps educate and prepare patients for treatments. The nurse also assists in managing other issues such as drug therapy or side effects.

Temple’s radiation oncology team works side-by-side with other cancer specialists at the Fox Chase Cancer Center at Temple University Hospital to deliver treatment options that have the best chance at success. During treatment, this team will monitor patients’ progress and make adjustments if necessary to ensure that the radiation is hitting its target while minimizing side effects.

To put patients at ease, radiation oncology orientation is held for new patients and their family members so they can learn what to expect during their treatment. This, combined with a wide array of support services, demonstrates the department’s commitment to treating each of its patients like a person and not just a disease.

Contact us to learn more about our doctors, our decades of experience, our special services and our full range of treatments. We will help you consider all the alternatives.

Temple Radiation Oncology offers free orientation sessions for new and potential patients. For information or to register to attend, call 215-707-1447. To see an overview of the radiation therapy process at Temple, click here.

  Curtis Miyamoto, MD              Bizhan Micaily, MD, FACP                 

Curtis Miyamoto, MD       Bizhan Micaily, MD, FACR