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Temple Medical Physicists Internationally Recognized for Research

Image: Members of Temple's Radiation Oncology Department who presented at the Science Council session, (left to right): Vladimir Valakh, MD; Pierre Charpentier, MS; Shidong Li, PhD; Philip Chan, MS; and Curtis Miyamoto, MD. Not pictured: Toni Neicu, PhD, and Bizhan Micaily, MD.

Under the direction of Shidong Li, PhD, Temple University Hospital (TUH) Medical Physicists presented their latest research findings during the 2013 Science Council Session at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine's annual meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Temple's presenters hosted a two-hour seminar entitled, Multi-Modality Imaging in Radiation Oncology: Planning, Guidance, and Assessment of Treatment Response.

"We were truly honored to have the opportunity to present our findings to a group of the best physicists and physicians in the world," said Dr. Li, Temple University Hospital's Chief Medical Physicist.

"Our presentation described a new approach in Cone-beam-CT guidance to measure and track early-stage lung cancer nodules with great accuracy during radiation therapy. A patient's body and its internal organs are constantly shifting during therapy due to breathing, and our approach combined with a 4D optical monitoring system, currently under clinical testing, is able to monitor the patient's position in real-time – allowing us to position the radiation beam so that it remains precisely focused on the tumor, avoiding healthy tissue. In the coming months, we are looking to publish a paper to describe our findings in greater detail," Dr. Li added.

Date Published: Friday, October 18, 2013